A French-Canadian Tradition for 100 years

Preserved for you since 2013.

We are fourth-generation French-Canadian caramel makers.

What started as a family tradition has slowly blossomed into something just a little bit more.  For nearly 100 years our family has been making caramel at the holidays, but around 35 years ago, the third generation took things to a new level.

Organizing a wedding, bridal or baby shower or party and looking for the PERFECT party favor? We have the perfect solution!

“Customized Packaging” We can customize our packaging and labels for your corporate or family event!


Or Find Us at a Pop-up Event Near You!

*thanks to Covid-19, all pop-up events for 2020 have been cancelled 🙁

Caramels de Bouchard is currently an online store but soon you will be able to find us at your favorite food boutiques!  Follow our growth on our blog for the latest news and events!


Based on Boston’s Beautiful North Shore


Online All The Time With Local Pop-Up Events Across New England.