Don’t take our word for it, take theirs! ┬áCaramelNation shares their love of Caramels de Bouchard!

Ma memere, Memere Poussard, ne Bouchard.

Nothing beats Caramels de Bouchard. My clients love getting them as holiday gifts.

David Thomson    Middleton, MA    Website   

DEC.1!!I got my first order of Caramel Medley!OMG!!!From the time I picked them up in Danvers to the time I arrived home in Beverly half of the box was gone!The bad thing is the caramels are almost gone,the good thing is I am ordering more today for myself,family and friends for Christmas Gifts!Thanks!

Roger A.    Beverly,MA.   

Yesterday I received my 1st order of pumpkin and cherry caramels and I was blown away. I will certainly be a repeat customer and will try different flavors. Yum!

Heidi D    Salem, MA   

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I was with my order. The caramels were a huge hit and I loved the packaging and labels. Just perfect! Thanks again.

Beth M.    Middleton, Mass.   

the best caramels around!! so delicious

Henry    brantford, ontario    Website   

Love these caramels. and have been sending them to clients who are very pleased. Wonderful service & products from Carmels de Bouchard! Thank you from
Sensational Travel

Marisa L Cole    Salem, MA    Website   

What can one say but Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! One taste of the Isabella Trail and I knew there was no flavor that was more "me". Thank you Lauren for naming them after me! What an honor, and of course with it comes that huge responsibility to share them, share them, share them. Big hit with family, friends, and clients!

Liz Silva    Hamilton, MA    Website   

Lauren puts her heart and soul into creating the most delicious caramels with her secret family recipe. They are absolutely delicious!

Lisa    Website   

Melt in your mouth deliciousness. These caramels are out of this world. I can't get enough of them.

Jeanne Hennessey    Danvers, Mass    Website   

I was addicted the first sample. All week long I craved those buttery soft caramels. More More I need more because I want more.

cindy Modugn    Beverly    Website   

These caramels are seriously addicting! I loved the sea salt but am excited to try other flavors. My only complaint? They don't offer bottomless bags!

Renee Gannon    Lynn, MA    Website   

I love these! First favorite was the plain, then Caramel de Mer (sea salt), and my new favorite is Belle Face. They really do melt in your mouth. To get them home unopened, I need to put them in the back of the car.

Katie Finch   

Seriously, these caramels are so good, my wife and I ate through the whole box in two days. They just melt in your mouth! They are positively delicious!

Mark Goldberg    Beverly Farms, MA    Website   

These caramels are impossible to resist! The only time I can say no is when I run out. I have to have a constant supply of this rich and creamy caramel goodness. Caramel addict indeed!

Paulo Costa   

I can't believe how good these caramels are. I am a big caramel fan and thought I had my favorite - but then I discovered these and WOW! They are awesome! I'll be back for more!

A. Simpson    CT   

It was love at first taste of the creamy, buttery, melt-in-your mouth deliciousness! But wait...what? You have Sea Salt Caramels too? YUM!! My new favorite ­čÖé

Susan MacFarlane    Salem, MA    Website   

As a self proclaimed caramel addict, I must say that Caramels de Bouchard are by far the best I have had yet! Try some for yourself and you will never pick up another brand of caramels again! (You can't go wrong with the assorted box!)

Medley Long    Beverly Farms, MA    Website   

I first received a box of these fine caramels as a gift. I was amazed at how soft the caramel is and how it melts in your mouth. Then I bought a box to give as a gift, but the box never left my house and was soon empty. Very addicting in a great way. I highly recommend Caramels de Bouchard. Not only are they delicious, but they are made by a really sweet person!

Charlene St. Jean    Beverly, MA    Website   

Love, LOVE these caramels! Sea salt is my particular favorite variety. Try some. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Tina McManus    Beverly, MA    Website   

We received our first (but definitely not our last) order of these delicious treats today. They are so well packaged and we are thrilled to present them to our clients. What a great idea - thanks so much!
PS - hope they make it to our's going to be some strong will power!

Jim Michaud    Exeter, NH    Website