In my Covid haze, I totally forgot something wicked important!  We are 8 years old as of the first weekend of February!

It was Super Bowl weekend, when I decided to “see” if anyone would even be interested in buying these caramels that I had been gifting to people almost my whole life (true fact, people just EXPECT to get them now, it’s not Christmas without them, which has always kept me busy at the holidays!).  I uploaded a boomerang of me stirring caramel on social and I got an immediate response:

Matt:  Is that caramel you’re stirring?

Me: Why yes, yes it is?

Matt:  Is that walnuts in there?

Me:  Yeup….

Matt:  My grandmother used to make caramel with walnuts in it…

And that’s when I realized, our moms were friends in school.  They went to the same French Canadian Catholic high school, because everyone who was French Canadian lived in “The Point” and went to St Joseph’s.  Which means, our grand parents were probably friends.  And our Memere’s probably got together to make these Caramels every Christmas for the Church Fair and to share.

Matt:  Are you selling them?

Me , In my head I’m thinking ‘omg what do i say?’ when out comes:  Absolutely!

Matt:  Ok, I’ll take three pounds.

And that’s literally how it started.

And in 2019, Matt and I became business partners.

And while Covid kind of threw us (and the rest of the world) a curveball, we are excited to get back to regrouping and hitting the kitchen in full force very soon.  We can’t wait to get back into the breweries and pup-up shops to meet you all again!

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Bon Appetit!