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  • When I cut into my first version of this caramel, I cut through a cashew - and it was literally smiling at me.  It had two eyes and a smile and I immediate thought of my grandmother.  Whenever I saw Memere, she would grab my cheeks and say "Belle face!".  You couldn't help but smile and feel the love.   (Of course, she said that to all 23 of her grandchildren, but I always thought she loved me the most.)  So this caramel is dedicated to her.  It has some of my favorite things!  Cashews, chocolate sea salt and it elicits many happy childhood memories! This is our version of a "turtle".  Since chocolate won't stick to our buttery caramels, we've used chocolate infused salt to give the caramel a note of chocolate and enhance the saltiness of the cashews.  They really are amazing. Bon appetit!
  • chocolate and caramel caramels de bouchard gourmet caramel boston
    This caramel not only tastes divine, but it looks gorgeous!  Released April 2014, Black n Tan, is our first foray into
  • If you are a fan of nuts in your caramel, then give our pecan caramel a try.  You will not be disappointed!  The buttery vanilla caramel combined with pecan and finished with a pinch of flaked sea salt is simply a heavenly combination. So give our pecan caramels a try - and I dare you to eat just one. :-)   Why is it called "Kate"?  Because one of my favorite caramels only ever orders this one.  ;-)  You rock, Kate Foster!
  • cherry caramel caramel de bouchard gourmet caramels boston
    Inspired by our love of contrasts - and a little Stevie Wonder - My Cherry Amour makes the perfect gift for your sweetie at Valentine's Day, or any day of the year. Dry tart cherries are the perfect contrast to our luscious, buttery, sweet caramel - you will be hard-pressed to eat just one! Share with your love...if you can.    

    Stop-animation by Danvers Middle School Students Zoe and Elodie.

  • Why decide - an assortment of our most popular caramels!
  • Corporate Gifting with Caramels De Bouchard
    Our corporate gift, wedding and event programs is designed to make you , your event, or your gifting program look FABULOUS in the eyes of your guests or clients. We can customize party favors and packing to your event theme or corporate color scheme (if available). For corporate orders, we can also include your business card in the packaging, or any other marketing material you want to include. Minimum order of 20 required.  Orders over 100 pieces receive special discounts.  Be sure to contact us directly via the contact form to discuss. Our new pillow boxes make more of a statement.  The box not only looks very attractive, but will protect the caramels if you are carrying them around with you or are shipping them. We can design a custom label for you and even try to match the pillow box to your company colors, as in this example pictured.  When your color is not available, we recommend a white, clear or kraft color box.  Product is always changing in the marketplace, so let us know your requirements and we will find the best option available for you. We understand that financial institutions usually require we work with your internal marketing or compliance departments when designing the label, and we are happy to do so. As a bonus, your clients will receive a promotional coupon for discounts on Caramels de Bouchard inside every package! If you would like your business card to be included in the bag, please let us know beforehand so that we arrange to get the cards before we seal the bags as once the bags are sealed, they're sealed for good! Pricing per piece includes customization! *please note quantity discounts will be adjusted after order is placed.  
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