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  • Whenever I saw Memere, she would grab my cheeks and say "Belle face!".  Of course, she said that to all 23 of her grandchildren, but I always thought she loved me the most.  She sure had a way to make us all feel special!  So this caramel is dedicated to her.  It has some of my favorite things!  Cashews, chocolate sea salt and elicits happy memories! Bon appetit!
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    This caramel not only tastes divine, but it looks gorgeous!  Released April 2014, Black n Tan, is our first foray into
  • If you are a fan of nuts in your caramel, then give our pecan caramel a try.  You will not be disappointed!  The buttery vanilla caramel combined with pecan and finished with a pinch of flaked sea salt is simply a heavenly combination. So give our pecan caramels a try - and I dare you to eat just one. :-)   Why is it called "Kate"?  Because one of my favorite caramels only ever orders this one.  ;-)  You rock, Kate Foster!
  • When I first launched Caramels de Bouchard, it didn't take long for people to start asking for chocolate caramels.  I am a chocolate snob, having lived in Europe for 12 years, there really is no comparison to European chocolate.  Chocolate is in itself an art form, and, having no experience in it, I shelved the idea for a bit. I have sampled every chocolate covered caramel there is, and usually one flavor overpowers another.  I decided to simply focus on caramel, as it really is the only thing i know. But, pressure grew.  Meg, my good friend from our UMASS days who was helping me get things off the ground, brought in all sorts of things for us to try.  (We can thank Meg for the smoked chocolate salt that graces "Belle Face".)  We tried many variations on the recipe.  In the end we succeeded only in creating something that was truly appalling to look at and too hard to dare eat.  Once again, the idea was shelved. But since Meg moved away I've made a few caramels, and it was while I was hunting for a pan one day, that I discovered what ended up being the piece de la resistance.  I was in the middle of a batch, so I immediately got to work to try to incorporate this discovery into the batch on the stove.  And I'm so glad I did, because it worked perfectly. And here we are!  A gorgeously rich caramel infused with only the BEST imported chocolate from France, "Meg", named for my college friend, is the perfect balance of caramel-to-chocolate, and is soon to become the foundation of a whole new line of caramels in the Caramel de Bouchard family. You're welcome!  
  • Why decide - an assortment of our most popular caramels!
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