New Caramel is launched in our Caramels for a Cause Line!

We are very excited to announce a newcomer to our Caramels for a Cause range!

This week we launched the “Arabella”…pun intended.  The Arbella or Arabella was the name of the ship that brought the original settlers here to the Massachusetts Bay Colony back in the 1600’s, and it is of this name that a local Drum & Bugle Corps based on Boston’s North Shore gets it’s name.

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, nearly every town had a drum and bugle corps, it was the 2nd most popular activity next to little league.  But in the 1980s and 90s this activity died down as the organization became too expensive to maintain and so kids started to get more involved in town sports and other rec options.

But for those who once marched, the passion for drum corps never goes away, and it was of this passion that a few local drum corps alumni got together to reform the Arbella Drum & Bugle Corps.

Running an organization of this nature is pretty expensive as instrumentation and equipment are needed, and so we are pleased to welcome the Arabella Caramel to our cause line.

Every time you order Arabella, a percentage of the proceeds will go direct to the Corps!  So you can feel good knowing you are doing good simultaneously!

So next time you place a caramel order, think about adding some Arabella to your order and support this wonderful performing arts organization!

Arabella is made from premium ingredients and has essence of orange, cranberries, walnuts and vanilla bean.  It is AWESOME!

To learn more about the Arbella and drum corps visit their website at