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Are Caramels de Bouchard healthy?


Will Caramels de Bouchard ruin my dentistry?

Maybe.  They’re caramels after all.  We always recommend you let the caramel warm up in your mouth instead of simply chewing it.  As the caramel melts, the buttery vanilla-y goodness hits all of those tastebuds and they literally taste even better.  Caramels de Bouchard are not responsible for any damage to dentrifice.

Do Caramels de Bouchard ship well?

We have shipped our caramels around the globe and haven’t heard any negative issues so far.  They are caramels though, so they are affected by heat and cold weather.  If it’s cold, they could be pretty hard – eat with caution… or simply wait for them to get to room temperature.  In warm weather they do get soft.  Cold or warm, they always taste wonderful.  Just let them get to room temperature for optimal enjoyment!

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

Thanks to a global pandemic, shipping is still unpredictable, but seems to be getting better.  If you are looking to get your caramels by a certain date it is best to order early.  Caramels de Bouchard is not responsible for any delays in shipping.

Are Caramels de Bouchard gluten free?


They also have no preservatives in them.

Do you make a sugar-free caramel?

Erm….no.  That wouldn’t work.  While fabulous for your soul, they have no redeeming health benefits.  


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