Wow, there’s a day for everything!  But this time we approve!

Celebrate our favorite day of the year by treating yourself, a friend or client to a beautiful box of gourmet caramel!

Use promo code CARAMELADDICT and enjoy $4.95 off your order of a pound or more!

And remember, celebrate responsibly.  😉

We started Caramels de Bouchard on a whim, six years ago.  It was always my mother’s idea to sell them someday.  We were under strict instruction to never give out the recipe just in case.  But six years ago I decided to put my web development and marketing skills into hyperdrive and see if I could launch something over a weekend, Super Bowl weekend in fact.  Most people give themselves more time… but I didn’t want to spend too much time on it in case it really didn’t go anywhere.  Within 48 hours we had a website, a logo, social media presence…. and orders for 11 lbs of caramel.  The following week we sold over 50 pounds of caramel and had inquiries about wholesaling…

Six years later we have a dedicated following of Caramel Addicts and Caramels de Bouchard have been shipped the world over.  They are still made the way my grandmother and her mother made them – small batches, by hand.  We haven’t changed the original recipe at all, except of course, we went from Memere’s original two varieties to about 20 new and exciting ones.  It’s been an awesome journey.

To celebrate, we decided to give away six pounds of caramels in a “Random Act of Caramel”.  Facebook friends nominated deserving people to send a sweet treat to – the response was overwhelming and the stories heartwarming!  I can’t wait to hear the reactions from the recipients, who are all over the country and range from a household of nuns, to a school, to deserving friends and parents.  We may have taken more than six winners – the stories were just too sweet 😉

Thank you for making Caramels de Bouchard part of your gift giving – I know my grandmother looks down from heaven with a smile knowing her candy is making so many so happy.

Don’t forget to use promo code CARAMELADDICT for a discount on your next order of Caramels!

Merci et bon appetit!


Caramels de Bouchard is 5 in 2018

How’d that happen!?!?

It’s unbelievable to think we are already 5 years old, where did the time go?

Oh, I remember, it was spent in the kitchen, stirring




We’ve literally made tens of thousands of caramels, all by hand,  over the last few years, thanks to you, our fans.

THANK YOU for supporting our family-owned business.  Because of you, we get to keep our grandmother’s memory alive, as the marvelous aromas that fill the kitchen with every batch evoke the happiest of memories.

Please celebrate our birthday with us and take $4.95 off your next pound of our gourmet caramels by using coupon code CARAMELADDICT when you shop.

MERCI everyone!!


Whether you are looking for a special host/hostess gift, something to put in the Yankee Swap, a gourmet gift for your favorite foodie, or a self-indulgent treat, Caramels de Bouchard are sure to delight!

Christmas is our busiest time of year and we LOVE IT!  It brings us RIGHT back to the good ol’ days of making caramels together with Memere.  It just FEELS like Christmas!

Thank you for making Caramels de Bouchard part of your holiday tradition!


We’ve been making caramels for fun for generations, but we’ve been making caramels for you for four years!  Time flies when you’re stirring stirring stirring!

To celebrate we’re giving our logo, packaging and website a little update. You may experience delays during this time and for that we apologize.  The Christmas season drained all of our supplies so it’s time to reorder, and we thought  if we were going to do that we might as well step things up a notch!

Please use promo code WEAREFOUR up until May 30, 2017 and help us celebrate our anniversary!

Thank you for loving our caramels as much as we do!




My grandmother (not Memere Poussard of caramel fame), but my maternal grandmother, Memere Grenier was big on pies.  Salmon pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie…. I have to tell you – I am not a pie fan. at. all.  I never once touched them, not even pumpkin pie.  Nothing about it sounded remote appealing – plus – it’s in a pie!  But then I started making curried pumpkin soup, followed by the pumpkin-everything craze, and I realized I had missed out on the whole pumpkin thing most of my life.  And Memere’s pies.  What CAN’T you do with pumpkin?!

So last year, I decided to come up with a pumpkin spiced caramel to keep up with the Joneses, and it came out amazing.  It’s still Memere’s traditional recipe, slightly modified to accommodate organic pumpkin, with added pumpkin spices, then topped with pepitas and a little sea salt  – and I have to say, it’s dee-lish.  I have no idea how it compares to Memere’s pumpkin pie, now I wish I had tried them because she’s not around to make me one, but I hope she’d like them.  I know everyone who’s tried them LOVES them, and I hope you will too!  I named them after my mom Jackie as they originally come out around October, and we thought we’d have fun with the name.

Give JACKIE-O-LANTERN a try!  They’re out for a limited time, until Christmas.