It’s hard to believe that this “thing” that I set out to do just to “see” if anyone might be interested has taken off  so fast.  In business for just 10 short (and very FAST) months, we were featured today in one of the area’s leading foodie magazines, Edible Boston.

And I have northshore magazine to thank really.  During 2013, I have had many photography assignments for my favorite magazine, northshore.  One day, I was photographing a woman who had a fabulous home-based cookie business “Batterup Bakery” who’s cookies were going to be featured in an upcoming issue.  We started talking about food, and home-based kitchens, my caramels, cookies… and I remembered I had some caramels in the car, so I brought some in to share with her.   I brought her cookies to a chamber of commerce meeting I was heading to and we exchanged messages here and there afterwards.

Well a month or so later Deb messages me asking how I would I like it if the caramels were to be featured in Edible Boston?  An accomplished lawyer and baker, Deb has always wanted to be a writer, and she had just started to work for Edible Boston.  They asked her to pitch five ideas, and she remembered my story and pitched it as one of the five.  They loved the story, and here we are.

It was quite bizarre to be on the other side of the lens when their photographer came to take my picture.  She was at least ten years younger and half my size, but we were nearly mirror images of each other: brunettes, jeans, black t and cardi, black danskos, and – nikon girls.  So we had a great photoshoot, I’m sure it took longer than it should have – we had fun!

Many people have asked why on earth did I hide behind that frame! But it was important to me that my grandmother be featured. This wouldn’t have happened without her recipe.  If my mother had been able to take the day off work, I would have had her in it too, as the idea for selling them was always hers – it couldn’t have been further from my mind!  I just came to the conclusion one day that I had all the elements and gave it a whirl.

The link to the article is here  :