_DT16487Our caramels are hand made to order  with only natural ingredients from a recipe handed down several French-Canadian generations 🙂 .  Because they are handmade there will always be variations in shape and size.  We use an analog thermometer, so there could be subtle variations in color or hardness with each batch. They are not a rock-hard caramel, they are soft but firm.  They are affected by temperature, so in summer they will get soft, winter hard.  Keeping them in a cool dry place will ensure they maintain their original state, although these variations in temperature do not change their yumminess one bit!  They are not made in a nut-free kitchen.

They are best served at room temperature.  They do not have preservatives in them, and it is recommended you eat them within eight weeks. They can be frozen to extend their life but PLEASE  let them thaw out before you go to eat them!  Store them in a tin or tupperware to ensure freshness, or why not get a vintage Caramel de Bouchard glass jar?.

These are caramels, made of sugar and dairy…more sugar – there is nothing healthful in them at all, but when I smell them cooking, I am always reminded of my favorite things: my grandmothers, holidays and family, so while they may not be great for the ol’ waistline, they are definitely wonderful for the SOUL!

Eat in moderation…if you can!

Bon appetit!


Photos of Lauren in the kitchen by Don Toothaker, were featured in the food edition of northshore magazine in the fall of 2014.
All other photos taken by Lauren.