We didn’t set out to make the world’s best caramels…they just came out that way.



Send your customers a gift that is made with the same care an attention you give them.  Caramels de Bouchard is the perfect THANK YOU!  We can even customize the packaging to match your corporate colors and design a label with a special greeting.  Makes a great gift drop for corporate seminars, conferences and events!



Getting married? Throwing a shower? Sponsoring an event or gala?  Our gourmet caramel bar is the PERFECT way to top off your event!  Let your guests steal a sweet treat throughout the event or customize packaging for them to create a take-home favor.  They will love you for it!


Je t'aime.

“C’est bon!” was something heard every time we saw Memere.  Everything was always good when it came to us grandchildren! And there were 23 of us.  She had a gift for making us all feel special.  I feel especially blessed that she shared her mother’s recipe for caramels with us.  I am sure she never expected their heartwarming buttery goodness to reach so many people!  I think of her with every batch, and of the traditions that made these caramels so special.  I do hope you will be saying ‘C’est bon!’ after your first taste!  Merci et bon appetit!